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Visiting Amalfi and the Amalfi Coast, a World Heritage since 1997

Turn your stay at Residenza del Duca into a full experience, and get to know more about the local heritage, and the charm of Amalfi and the neighbourhood.

A stroll around the village

You can tour Amalfi's tiny centre on an enjoyable short walk. You must see the Duomo and nearby Chiostro del Paradiso (Heaven Cloister), you can then browse the wealth of little shops and find your favourite souvenir of Amalfi. Do no leave without tasting Amalfi Coast’s pride: the delizia al limone dessert and the reputed limoncello.

The Valle dei Mulini valley: for nature lovers

If you love nature you can plan a nice trip, suitable for everybody, along the Valle dei Mulini (Mill Valley), in the Lattari Mountains. You will see a variety of plants and waterfalls, surrounded by greenery, and, above all, scenic views of the Amalfi Coast. The Valle dei mulini valley was once home to Amalfi's celebrated paper mills.

Time-honoured paper

Amalfi paper, also known as Charta Bambagina, was produced as early as in the Middle Ages and is still used on very special occasions. Amalfi’s Valle dei Mulini valley also features a dedicated Museum worth a visit.

The historic regatta

Amalfi's past Maritime Republic heyday revives in town every four years, when the Regata Storica, (Historic Regatta, also known as Palio delle Antiche Repubbliche Marinare) takes place.

On such occasion, in addition to the rowing race involving Amalfi, Genoa, Pisa and Venice teams, a pageant brings back the glorious past of the Maritime Republic, introducing important figures and politicians from local history.

Capodanno Bizantino

A striking historic-cultural event held each year on the first week in September to commemorate the investiture of the Dukes of Amalfi, staging long gone facts and events.
The Capodanno Bizantino (Byzantine New Year) historic re-enactment enlivens the coastal resort every year with intriguing appointments, including medieval games. The highlight of the event is the pageant heading from Atrani towards Amalfi, just like in Republican days.

There is more to lemons - an explosion of flavour

A proper holiday must include a full immersion into Campania's and Amalfi Coast's culture and taste: it is easy to find little shops selling celebrated Amalfi paper, reputed confectioneries where you can taste delizie al limone or melanzane al cioccolato, and scrumptious restaurants serving paccheri or scialatielli with seafood, fine mixed fries, aubergine parmigiana, and loads of other typical creations. .

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